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Tremors is a  new and developing site all about the music and culture scene in Lincoln. You can expect to find gig reviews, interviews with those doing the gigs, and features on various other things relating to music and culture in Lincoln. Tremors is made and written by a group of student journalists, and our main aim is to fulfill the the needs of “people looking to explore new and local music.”

If you have any comments or queries, you’re in a band, or you have any information on an upcoming gig/show in Lincoln that you’d like to tell us about, email us at tremorslincoln@gmail.com. You can also follow us on Twitter at @tremorslincoln.

You can read more about each contributor below:


Name: Luke Botham


Age:  19

Hometown: Scarborough


Bio: I’m a student Journalist at the University of Lincoln with a strong interest in radio.

I tend to favour alternative and indie music, but really like pop too- anything from Katy Perry and Two Door Cinema Club through to things like All Time Low and Kids in Glass Houses! Really not that fussy. The one genre I really can’t be doing with though is dubstep, it’s awful!


I’ll be mainly focusing on the  local pop and alternative scene,  doing interviews and writing about local gigs.


You can follow my twitter @Lifeasluke. I tend to tweet about my day to day life and the views on there are my own and not those of Tremors.


Name: Paul Battison

Age: 24

Hometown: Nottingham

Bio: I’m an aspiring journalist studying a degree in journalism at the university of Lincoln. My favourite music ranges from punk rock to heavy metal and my favourite bands include NOFX, Green Day and Guns n’ Roses.

I co-host a punk show called Siren Punk on the Lincolnshire based community radio station, Siren Fm.

I’ll be writing about the punk and alternative scene in Lincoln, plus reviews of albums and films.

You can also follow me on Twitter at @PaulBattison where I tweet about anything from what I think about David Cameron, to what I’m going to cook that day. The views there are not those of Tremors.




Name: Mikeyy Barraclough 

Age: 19
Hometown: Leeds


Bio: I’m a student journalist studying at Lincoln University. I’m a huge fan of many different genre’s of music, but my indisputable favorites are Rock, preferably 80’s inspired Hard Rock, Blues and Funk.

I am a musician, I play the bass guitar, the electric guitar and the acoustic guitar.


I’ll be writing about local Rock and Folk acts, and reviewing their associated gigs around Lincoln. I’l also be conducting interviews with members of these bands, and letting you in on the secret of where to buy classic albums dirt cheap.

If you’d like to follow me on twitter, here’s where I’m at: @MikeyyJBx


Name: Reece Coley 

Age: 22

Hometown Derby

Bio: Music is a very big part of my life. I enjoy all genres of music but I would have to say my favorite is Indie and Rock.

If you would like to follow me on twitter my name is @reececoley






Name: Karim Kazane

Age: 21

Hometown: Winchester

Bio: I am a student studying Journalism at the University of Lincoln. The main areas of journalism that i like are fashion and magazine with hope that some day i will make it in this area. I do enjoy music, my favorite genres being R&B and Bashment. I must admit i love Beyonce and not afraid to say it!! :)

This is me and I shall be doing most of the film review content due to be a lover of films, where i like to keep it short and sweet :)

Twitter: @kazanekarim

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