Film Review: What To Expect When You’re Expecting

This film is based on five interconnected couples undergoing the joys and falls of having a baby. From an overall point of view of the film I think this is one to watch when at home with friends and feel for a laugh as to be honest it will most probably make you laugh and thus enjoy the film.

But when you get to the Nitti gritty I believe this film could have been made a lot better. The frustration I had with this movie is the issue on how it seemed to be pretty unrealistic.

For example, one of the characters had a miss-carriage which is an extremely touchy subject, yet in the film the woman was over it within the length of a nursery rhyme. If you decide to watch the film then you will surely understand where I am coming from. Although this was the case, I wasn’t expecting how warmly I’d feel towards the characters by the end of the movie. So I think it was a good pick.