Film Review: The Help


The Help is a broad southern melodrama that simply points the need for racial equality through a   white woman who gave the voice to the African -American in need. This racial inequality is at a time that white people could run around carelessly with not a problem to worry about while the black folk are behind picking up and damage they cause.  This all turns for the better when a young, pretty  journalist floats free from the so called norms of a culture (specifically in 1960s Mississippi).
This film is one that i highly recommend you watch if you want to better your knowledge on how racial inequality existed back in those days. It is an extremely touching film and and brings forward all sorts of emotions, mainly being anger and sadness. The Help is one of those films that will make you forget where you are and what you are doing, simply due to the way that it engages you in to the story. If you watch this then I suggest you keep a box of tissues to your side because you will need them!

Film Review: Jack & Jill

JACKAdam Sandler plays Jack, a busy family guy and advertising executive whose needy, and annoying twin sister Jill has come to stay for “the holidays”. Jill, of course, is played by Sandler again, dressed in drag. Jack desperately needs Al Pacino to take part in a planned TV commercial. After several attempts to get Al’s attention, he is still not interested, but wait, this  does not seem to be the case when he sets his eyes on Jill, Maybe he will agree, after all!

This film is very random and as a whole not really that funny even though it is meant to be a comedy film. There are elements in the film that do maybe hit the funny bone and you find your self actually enjoying such a film but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, then Sandler has not pulled it off this time. This film is not one that I would really recommend you watch, but if your sat at home bored with nothing else to do.. Then maybe give it a try!

Wisecrack – Pining for the Road

Pining for the Road

Folk punk is a unique genre of music. It touches on two ends of the musical spectrum—on one hand it can be easy listening and perfect for just sitting back and admiring but on the other, the raw energy can make you just want to get up and go. Lincoln based folk punk band Wisecrack, get the balance inch perfect on their debut album, Pining for the Road.

Pining for the Road

Pining for the Road

The three-piece act mix folk, punk and country brilliantly to create merry ‘drinking songs.’  Their lyrics are ‘political and anti-fascist’ but send out positive messages which add to the vibrant, uplifting feel of the album. This theme runs throughout Pining for the Road from start to finish, and the album has an uncanny knack of leaving you in a very jolly mood after listening through it. The band cite acts such as Bruce Springsteen, Frank Turner and Chuck Ragan as their main inspirations and different aspects of these great musician’s style shine though in Wisecrack’s music. The band do a brilliant job of drawing from their influences to create their own infectious sound which reverberates through the whole of Pining for the Road.

The opening track, 7 Day Hangover, is a nice blend of electric and acoustic guitars and gets the album off to the perfect start. It’s a real feel good tune and the type of song you’d find yourself singing with your friends after one too many beers. You know you’re in for a treat when Wisecrack front man Matt Colwell sings:

“We’ve partied hard and then we crashed the cars, all that’s left is an empty room, these six strings and a hungover afternoon.”

The second track, Angel With Two Right Wings, is perfectly structured with a slow, quiet, acoustic build up that springs to life in the chorus in the shape of electric guitars and an attack on right-wing politics. The use of a banjo in the chorus also adds to the depth of the song, and illustrates Wisecrack’s ability to combine different instruments and musical genres effortlessly to create their own recognisable sound.

Don’t Pray for Me is a catchy but meaningful song with a good chord progression and a smart guitar harmony layered over the top. Matt Colwell voices his opinions on religion with the thought provoking line:

“This is God’s country and we’re supposed to be his children but there’s better fathers in prison.”

The title track of the album, Pining for the Road, is a highlight of the album and much like the opening track, is very upbeat and carries a lot of energy. The song contains the signature punk rock formula of quick palm-muting in the verses followed by the ringing out of chords in the choruses. It’s about the band’s love of travelling and touring whilst playing music.

Towards the end of the album, another standout track is the hugely infectious Sunflower Song. It contains elements of ska, folk and punk and to put it in the words of the band themselves, they once said:

“It’s impossible to listen to it without a smile on your face.”

Overall Pining for the Road is a fine album and Wisecrack are a band that Lincoln can be proud of. They have a big love for music and this radiates through the album. It sends out messages about important issues such as politics and religion, but it does it in a positive way and inspires the listener to just enjoy music and have a good time.

For me, this is what music should be about and the world needs more bands like Wisecrack.

L4 Bar


Address: 16 Guildhall Street, Lincoln, England.

Telephone: –



L4 bar is, in essence, just a bar. However on Monday nights it plays host to an open mic night that attracts a whole variety of performers. It usually attracts acoustic guitar players (but that’s not to say you won’t witness a few surprises)  and this in turn creates a wonderfully relaxed and easy-going vibe. It is the perfect place to go when you want to appreciate some music by talented local artists, and don’t want your face pounded into mush by a sea of hysterical fans. There are comfortable leather sofas, friendly bar staff and and a selection of drinks so vast that just looking at them will probably give you double vision.  All that, and a bottle of Carlsberg will only cost you one, solitary pound coin.


The Engine Shed


Address: University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool, Lincoln, England

Telephone: 01522 837400


Capacity: around 1000


The Engine Shed is THE largest musical venue in Lincoln. It is to this venue on the University campus that bands such as Kings Of Leon, Gorillaz, Kasabian and even great DJ’s like Fatboy Slim come to play their shows. The Engine Shed also hosts live comedy performers, so if you fancy a change from the pandemonium of a live gig, you can be entertained by some truly hilarious people. The Tower Bars are conveniently located at the back of the venue – they serve hot food and a variety of beverages, including Guiness, Carlsberg and John Smiths.

If a well-renowned band comes to Lincoln, this is where they will be playing.

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