Film Review: Jack & Jill

JACKAdam Sandler plays Jack, a busy family guy and advertising executive whose needy, and annoying twin sister Jill has come to stay for “the holidays”. Jill, of course, is played by Sandler again, dressed in drag. Jack desperately needs Al Pacino to take part in a planned TV commercial. After several attempts to get Al’s attention, he is still not interested, but wait, this  does not seem to be the case when he sets his eyes on Jill, Maybe he will agree, after all!

This film is very random and as a whole not really that funny even though it is meant to be a comedy film. There are elements in the film that do maybe hit the funny bone and you find your self actually enjoying such a film but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, then Sandler has not pulled it off this time. This film is not one that I would really recommend you watch, but if your sat at home bored with nothing else to do.. Then maybe give it a try!