Film Review: The Help


The Help is a broad southern melodrama that simply points the need for racial equality through a   white woman who gave the voice to the African -American in need. This racial inequality is at a time that white people could run around carelessly with not a problem to worry about while the black folk are behind picking up and damage they cause.  This all turns for the better when a young, pretty  journalist floats free from the so called norms of a culture (specifically in 1960s Mississippi).
This film is one that i highly recommend you watch if you want to better your knowledge on how racial inequality existed back in those days. It is an extremely touching film and and brings forward all sorts of emotions, mainly being anger and sadness. The Help is one of those films that will make you forget where you are and what you are doing, simply due to the way that it engages you in to the story. If you watch this then I suggest you keep a box of tissues to your side because you will need them!

Film Review: Jack & Jill

JACKAdam Sandler plays Jack, a busy family guy and advertising executive whose needy, and annoying twin sister Jill has come to stay for “the holidays”. Jill, of course, is played by Sandler again, dressed in drag. Jack desperately needs Al Pacino to take part in a planned TV commercial. After several attempts to get Al’s attention, he is still not interested, but wait, this  does not seem to be the case when he sets his eyes on Jill, Maybe he will agree, after all!

This film is very random and as a whole not really that funny even though it is meant to be a comedy film. There are elements in the film that do maybe hit the funny bone and you find your self actually enjoying such a film but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, then Sandler has not pulled it off this time. This film is not one that I would really recommend you watch, but if your sat at home bored with nothing else to do.. Then maybe give it a try!

Film Review: Think Like A Man

A bubbly romantic comedy film about five men who have trouble either starting a relationship or make a relationship work. This all because of this one book that made all women think twice.

Watching this I absolutely loved it and the emotions I felt were so mixed, one minute i was happy the next i was sad but overall i was laughing.

The movie is full of laughter and excitement and really gets you loving life. It is fast moving and keeps you wanting more there are some negatives due to it being a predictable film but the positives overcome this.

Try not to watch this movie alone as you will want someone by you to share the laughter with.

Film Review: Ill Manors

Ill Manors is an urban crime drama set in east London, the unveiling feature film from Ben Drew, otherwise known as singer-songwriter Plan B.

The movie is about how many groups in London are connected by one main area, being drugs and how this risky job role can lead to extreme happenings to themselves or others close to them.

The film at the beginning was great as it was full of action and just keeps you off your feet but then when it comes to the second half of the film it all seems to die out when the story line becomes more realistic and slow moving.

There are some extremely strong moments within this movie and it really gets you drawn in and feel for the characters.

It is definitely one you would tell your friends about due to the intensity of the film and overall I think it is one I would highly recommend you watch.

Film Review: What To Expect When You’re Expecting

This film is based on five interconnected couples undergoing the joys and falls of having a baby. From an overall point of view of the film I think this is one to watch when at home with friends and feel for a laugh as to be honest it will most probably make you laugh and thus enjoy the film.

But when you get to the Nitti gritty I believe this film could have been made a lot better. The frustration I had with this movie is the issue on how it seemed to be pretty unrealistic.

For example, one of the characters had a miss-carriage which is an extremely touchy subject, yet in the film the woman was over it within the length of a nursery rhyme. If you decide to watch the film then you will surely understand where I am coming from. Although this was the case, I wasn’t expecting how warmly I’d feel towards the characters by the end of the movie. So I think it was a good pick.