Film Review: The Help


The Help is a broad southern melodrama that simply points the need for racial equality through a   white woman who gave the voice to the African -American in need. This racial inequality is at a time that white people could run around carelessly with not a problem to worry about while the black folk are behind picking up and damage they cause.  This all turns for the better when a young, pretty  journalist floats free from the so called norms of a culture (specifically in 1960s Mississippi).
This film is one that i highly recommend you watch if you want to better your knowledge on how racial inequality existed back in those days. It is an extremely touching film and and brings forward all sorts of emotions, mainly being anger and sadness. The Help is one of those films that will make you forget where you are and what you are doing, simply due to the way that it engages you in to the story. If you watch this then I suggest you keep a box of tissues to your side because you will need them!